Mary Jo Wright, N.C.T.M.
Private Piano Studio

Studio Policy Terms

As a music educator, I feel that it is my duty to provide a well-rounded curriculum, which provides instruction in not only the basics of music, but also exposure to a wide variety of styles of music. In addition, I try to teach students concepts, analytical techniques and the disciplines of practice that will transfer to other academic areas of music education. As a musician, I hope to impart a lifelong love of music.

Tuition is charged for the full term and will be due at the beginning of each term. Students are expected to take lessons for the full academic school year. Billings are sent for each term and any materials or other fees (auditions, master classes etc.). A late fee of $20.00 per student is assessed if tuition is not paid within 10 days of the due date. A late fee of $40.00 per student will be assessed if term tuition is not paid within 20 days of the due date and lessons will be suspended for the student until full payment is made.

Students receive one private lesson per week, except during "Performance class" week. Performance class is the lesson for that week. In addition, 30 minutes are scheduled for a computer assignment each week that the private lesson is given.

Swiching Lessons
Check the teaching schedule on the website and use the list of parents and their phone numbers to contact someone to switch with. Advise me of the switch

Please do not bring your child to a lesson if;
- They have a fever
- They were not well enough to attend school that day
- They have been on antibiotics for a contagious disease for less than 24 hours

Missed Lessons

Lessons missed by students will not be made up. If a student knows of a conflict with their lesson time, they are responsible for arranging to switch with another student and for notifying me of the change. If the teacher cancels a private lesson, it will either be made up of, if that is impossible, the lesson fee will be refunded.


Parents are welcome and encouraged to be at all or part of your child's lesson. Please do not bring siblings or friends to lessons. Children learn best when they receive the full attention of the teacher.


Holidays are observed for Thanksgiving week, Christmas, Mid Winter and Spring breaks. Lessons are at the regularly scheduled time during early dismissal weeks.


Music is lent to students throughout the year on an “as needed” basis. Return loaned material within ten days of the request for its return, or be responsible to pay for the replacement cost. Music returned damaged will be billed for its replacement cost.

No Progress Policy

Consistent practice and commitment to learning are extremely important for success. Lessons may be discontinued for any student who does not practice and/or shows no progress for 4 lessons.


If a student/legal guardian terminates lessons prior to the end of the school year, they will forfeit the term’s tuition. Upon payment of tuition, the student/parent/guardian agree to abide by the terms of this Studio Policy.


There is more general information and schedules available at my website;