December 2017
Winter Term Repetition
Lessons resume: Jan 2, 2018

Please find enclosed your term billing based upon thirteen weeks of instruction.

Adjudications = MAP

MAP stands for Music Artistry Program.

Students still play two memorized pieces for a visiting artist.

There are no longer levels. We buy time based upon a formula which includes the actual playing time plus time for the evaluation/master lesson. I’m still familiarizing myself with this change to the program.

Dates: March 12-16,2018
Recognition recitals/Senior Recognition Recital
March 18, 2018


Mid-winter break: Feb 19 & 20th, 2018

See website( for performance class dates and concert dates

Winter Recital

Date: February 25, 2018
Time: 3:00pm
Place Traditions Fair Trade Café
300-5th Ave. S.W.

I’m excited about this venue for the recital. It is a kind of “cabaret’ style with tables. The piano is kept in tune because they have regular musical events there. I can bring in food but I will need help serving it.

Piano Explorer Magazine

The December composer is Tchaikovsky.
This issue covers many other Russian composers, briefly. They have a wonderful article on practicing.

“Some Scientists think that it takes the brain at least 10 times of playing something corrrectly to erase the habit of a mistake.”

Preparing to Practice

1) Wash your hands

2) Remove distractions (TV, texts)

3) Have everything ready (music, pencil)

4) Plan what you want to work on

5) Before playing, look at the assignment or notes on the music. Remember what you teacher said at the lesson.


When you repeat something many times, it becomes easy, like tying your shoe.
Ex: you practice scales so that when you see a scale in a piece it is easy.
Repeat the right things. Play it correctly repeatedly.

1) Play a section slowly correctly.

2) Repeat it 10 times at a speed that is correct. Keep the tempo at a “comfortable” speed.

3) Play 10 times in a row correctly

4) The next day play 10 times in a row again! (If you make a mistake, start over)

Sometimes students choose a section that is too long. I also like the rule of 3 days in a row. I repeat 25 times in a row.
Remember to only play as fast as you are comfortable and don’t make mistakes. Speed up slowly. Are you still comfortable?

Happy Holidays and New Year!

Mary Jo