Mary Jo Wright, N.C.T.M.
Private Piano Studio

General Information

I. Studio Etiquette

A. Snacks
1.) Students really need an afternoon snack in order to bring their full concentration to the demands of music after school.
2.) Please throw away your own trash in the kitchen garbage can!
3.) WASH hands before using either the computer or piano keyboards.
B. Television and Phone Use
1.) There is no television during lesson time due to the noise.
2.) Please ask to use the phone and make it a brief call
C. Pick-up Time
1.) Please pick your student up at the end of the lesson time, unless prior arrangements have been made with me for a later time. You cannot just assume that someone will be here

II. New Students

A. Performance Class- is in place of a private lesson that week
1.) Playing class is held approximately once a month in order to provide a comfortable place for students to play for each other. Games are played to reinforce concepts and improvisatory activities, which can only be done in a group. This makes the piano a less "isolated" instrument. Class ends with a treat!

2.) Students receive a reminder of playing class, at the lesson before their class, on their lesson sheet.

B. Computer
1.) New students do not start on computer immediately. When they are ready to begin, they are given a lesson on its use and I notify the parents to plan for that extra lesson time here each week.

2.) Computer lessons are used to do ear training and reinforce theory concepts.

C. Newsletter
1.) I try to send out a newsletter each month. This includes reminder about lesson time adjustments due to holidays. It also lists students who have won the current "contest" or describes special programs available.

2.) Contests vary in structure in order to establish good practice habits and provide additional motivation.